THE Potbelleez had a massive year touring, released Destination Now and were nominated for an ARIA. Dave Goode, one of the group's founding members, took some time out to talk to CASSANDRA TOBIN.

You guys were in Byron Bay not so long ago - what has been happening since we last saw you?
Since then we went to Europe where we played MTV Live with Robyn. It's really good to get that kind of coverage in the international market.

We went to Ireland, played the Electric Picnic Festival which is a three-day festival, kind of like Glastonbury.

They basically just grabbed the best of all the festivals from around the world and put it in one festival.

From The Music got to No.10 in the France charts so we went over there and gave the French some love.

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Tell us about Ibiza...
That was the same gig with Robyn for I love My MTV.

Funnily enough, the organiser said we were the best bill of the season so that was great for us, especially considering we were up against Snoop Dogg.

It was at Amnezia (club) I hadn't been there since 2000, so for me to come back and play that back room was amazing.

Are you working on new material while on tour?
The nature of technology is that we can have a studio on our laptop.

A lot of our writing is done on the road.

We make a studio in every hotel room, basically.

We'll see this album cycle out, finish the tour, have a bit of a break and then head into the studio to finish off some new stuff.

So can we expect new material next year?

When you played Byron last time it was mostly a DJ set with live vocals from Ilan. What can we expect this time?
It's definitely the full live thing this time 'round. I've always wanted to play that pub and during schoolies it should be especially nuts.

The Potbelleez play the Beach Hotel tonight (Thursday, December 1) at 9pm.

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