Fruit on the barby.
Fruit on the barby.

Putting fruit on a barby

 The odd bruise or spot affects neither the flavour nor quality, particularly when you are cooking stone fruit.

I adore peaches, plums and nectarines; not so keen on fresh apricots, as they are often dry, mealy and tending towards the bitter.

In fact, I rarely take a chance with them; Ipreferring to  get my hit from the dried variety.

Most stone fruits respond well to grilling or baking, which ; these cooking methods concentrates the natural sugars and produces succulent results.

Damaged stone fruit can be poached or "stewed" - if you are planning to eat the results straight away you need little or no added sugar.

If you are planning on preserving it, the stewed fruit, you must add sugar as a preservative.

But you can keep unsugared cooked fruit covered in the refrigerator for up to a week.

This week's recipe is a yummy idea for a breakfast or brunch.

I tried it last week in a cafe and enjoyed it so much I recreated it when I got home.

They had been lucky enough to source some excellent fresh apricots that were flavoursome and juicy.

However I have not been so lucky (again), so I substituted peaches which worked just as well.

You could also use nectarines.

When buying (or growing) fruit for a recipe such as this look for "slipstones" - the varieties of stone fruit that release the seeds easily.

Otherwise you'll be messing about with knives and teaspoons trying to halve the fruit and remove the stone.

The fruit can be cooked under a grill or on a barbecue; just make sure the barbecue grill plate has been well cleaned so it doesn't end up tasting of last Sunday's snags.

If you use a low-fat ricotta and decent bread for this recipe (please, no supermarket "fluffies"), overall you'll end up with a healthy but satisfying breakfast, and that's always the best way to start any day.

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