Put your New Year’s resolutions into practice

WITH every New Year comes New Year's resolutions. These are usually related to our health, such as losing weight, giving up smoking or drinking, or getting fit.

The Local Health District promotion team are launching a free Get Healthy Service to assist Northern NSW residents achieve their resolutions.

"The Get Healthy Service is a free telephone-based coaching program where healthy lifestyle information and ongoing, personalised support is delivered to help people make lasting lifestyle changes," Northern NSW Local Health District health promotion manager Jillian Adam said.

"Including better food choices, increased vegetable and fruit consumption and higher physical activity."

The service has helped more than 30,000 people in NSW make healthy, lasting changes to their lifestyles since its launch in 2009.

"Most people who completed the coaching service lost between 2.5 to 10% of their original body weight and on average lost four kilograms in weight and five centimetres off their waist," Ms Adams said.

"Some people even lost more than 30kg."

She said losing excess weight brings long-term benefits such as reducing the risk of chronic disease.

"The best news of all was participants had maintained their behavioural changes six months after completing the coaching program, with continued significant weight loss," Ms Adams said.

"Almost three quarters of people accessing Get Healthy are women, but we are starting to see an increasing number of male callers.

"This is a priority for us considering the higher rates of overweight and obesity in men."

To sign up for the Get Healthy Service, call 1300 806 258 or log onto the website gethealthynsw.com.au.

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