New push to scrap paid parking at Lismore CBD carpark

WITH many business owners in town already expressing concerns over paid parking in Lismore, Lismore City Council will debate whether to remove paid parking meters from Kirkland Riviera car park at their meeting on Tuesday.

Councillor Greg Bennett - who will move the motion to remove parking meters in the car park - is proposing a series of alternatives including returning to restricted two- hour parking as compared to the current cost of $2 for two hours.

Cr Bennett said many business owners were already under pressure from "changing customer demographics, online shopping and retail competition" and he did not believe the council should add extra pressures by implementing further paid parking in the CBD.

He noted a recent survey by Lismore Chamber of Commerce revealed "overwhelming support against further paid parking in Lismore CBD" and the fact Lismore Shopping Square did not have paid parking made the decision whether to shop there or in the town centre much easier for consumers.

Owner of the Bank Cafe in Molesworth St, David Copeland is one of many business owners crossing their fingers Lismore Council will reverse paid parking in the Kirkland Riviera car park.

He has been preparing a petition to send to council later this week and had more than 1800 signatures supporting the removal of parking metres at last count.

"It's affecting this whole street and it's noticeably taking foot traffic away from the street," Mr Copeland said. "You can't have paid parking in one shopping precinct and not in another."

He said he was "hopeful" council would reverse the decision to implement paid parking in Kirkland Rivi- era car park.

The state-of-the art licence plate recognition technology cost a whopping $25,000 to install but would cost council just $1000 to remove.

However, the initiative, which funds council's compliance program and the Imagine Lismore project, is projected to bring in revenue to the tune of $45,000 annually.

Kirkland Riviera Car Park is one of three car parks in Lismore's CBD that has paid parking in place.

All other car parks are either time restricted or unrestricted.

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