The three-month-old puppy found on the Woodenbong tip.
The three-month-old puppy found on the Woodenbong tip. RSPCA

Puppy left for dead

A SMALL puppy's life hangs in the balance after it was brutally bashed and thrown in a rubbish bin.

The puppy was then plunged into the depths of a rubbish truck, driven to the Woodenbong tip and tipped out in a pile of stinking garbage.

Remarkably the three-month-old puppy survived and was plucked from the rubbish by council workers on Thursday morning.

Now vets are watching over the puppy, trying to learn whether her ordeal has caused serious brain damage and whether the kindest thing would be to put her down.

"I'm just disgusted. It's complete disregard of life," said RSPCA regional inspector Alistair Hills.

"I'd just ask: Why?

"They heard it whimpering in the rubbish.

"My suspicion would be that somebody has attempted to euthanase it then thrown it into their garbage bin. Obviously the animal hasn't been killed so it's ended up in the back of the garbage truck and then made it to the tip."

The puppy, a bitzer without a name may have suffered brain damage and a vet inspection found swelling on the back of its head consistent with blows.

The puppy contracted conjunctivitis as a result of being covered in rubbish and oil and Mr Hills said it is in a distraught state.

"It can walk around but it has no vision and it's crying its head off unless its picked up and comforted all the time."

Hopefully the pup's vision will start to return as the swelling reduces. If not it will likely have to be put down.

The rubbish truck follows the Bruxner Hwy to the communities of Mummulgum, Mallanganee, Tabulam, Bonalbo, Old Bonalbo and Muli Muli before reaching the Woodenbong tip.

Based on the location of the puppy within the rubbish, Mr Hills said he suspected the animal was dumped early on in the run.

"There is only one dump a week on Wednesday, in Woodenbong, and I've just spoken to the driver and he thinks it was probably from one of the early pick-ups."

Cruelty to animals, such as abuse or abandonment, is a crime in NSW under the 1979 Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

Individual offenders can be charged with aggravated cruelty which includes a fine of $22,000 and/or two years imprisonment.

What can be done to stop cruelty to animals?

SMS 0428 264 948, email or leave a comment below.

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