Pubs off ‘violent' register

BYRON Bay bar Cheeky Monkeys and Lismore pub Mary Gilhooley's have dropped off the list of the state's most violent pubs and clubs.

Statistics released by the NSW Government this week show both have managed to reduce violence by more than 40% in the past year.

It means the venues will no longer have to conform to restrictions such as ceasing alcohol service 30 minutes before closing.

The violent venues list, released by the Minister for Hospitality

George Souris, shows Cheeky Monkeys and Mary Gilhooley's recorded nine and eight violent incidents respectively in the past year, compared to 15 each in the previous list.

Any more than 12 violent incidents a year classifies a venue as violent.

Cheeky Monkeys licensee David Gunn, who took over in February this year, put his venue's success down to new management and better staff training.

He said while it had been disappointing to be on the list, the restrictions placed on the venue had been helpful. Some, such as the requirement that free food and water be provided after midnight, would be continued.

"I don't see them (the restrictions) as a ball and chain. I see them as a good tool to help keep the venue safe," he said.

Mary Gilhooley's licensee Catherine Simes said the pub placed a huge emphasis on responsible service of alcohol and patron management.

"We have a range of proactive measures in place, including drink quantity, content restrictions and free water at all times."

Staff were also trained to deal with reducing conflict, she said.

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