IT'S something all parents think about, whether only briefly, or over a long and hard process: "Which will be best for my children - a public school or a private school?"

We asked some local mums which type of schooling they prefer: public or private?

Sharon Ellison favoured private schooling:

"All of my children have gone to Catholic schools," she said.

"They went there because I felt the values that they teach are the values I wanted my children to grow up with."

Rachel Atkins said she preferred the public system:

"I believe in public schools - I was public schooled and I'll send my kids to public schools because I think they have a lot to offer and I also think there's a great diversity of people - people from the real world, really.

"So that's where I'll send my kids."

Dewi Chai said she believed both had their merits:

"I think that they both have their positives and negatives," she said.

"I think it really depends on the school, but generally I think the same-sex schools, which are generally private, I think that's sometimes a bit of a negative - kids not getting used to interacting with each other, feeling that it's a bit of a taboo. 

"But I think, on the other hand, sometimes you might be able to get a little bit more personal attention in a private school."

Mary Cruse said she was a full supporter of public schools:

"Public school I prefer, such as Goonellabah - that's a good, strong school," she said.

"It gets a lot of government funding so therefore there's a teacher plus an aid in every classroom to help all the kids with all it's programs."

Recently it was revealed by Professor Jill Blackmore of Deakin University's School of Education that while attending a private school may get you better marks on your report card, it's the public school kids who tend to do better at university, an expert says.

On The Northern Star's Facebook page, readers commented on that piece of news:

"Was with a group of people not so long ago...her daughter just had to go to the catholic high school (sorry college) why,oh because only intelligent parents send their kids to private school, oh yes and i want a free scholarship as well.." Torie Jane said.

"Are these the same public students that cannot do simple mathematics without a calculator, or use the English language with appropriate syntax, spelling, punctuation, grammar or even sign their name? I was educated in the public system when education, not indoctrination or inculcation of of certain dogmas and tenets, was of paramount importance. I did, however, wish that I was educated in a private boarding school," Michael Behan said.

"That is awesome!" Jadeala Amber Blacky said.

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