Protesters: it's time to retire gracefully

THERE comes a time when you just have to let go. The time came for rally protesters when the injunction was dismissed in the courts.

Continuing to behave in a recalcitrant manner will not only do a disservice to their cause but also will be of no value to the community.

Anti-rally protesters aiming to use frozen road kill, as claimed by the police, should be ashamed of themselves.

Police warnings that they will be dealt with if they cross the line need to be upheld if this bizarre claim is true.

The time has come for some common sense to prevail on both sides of the rally fence.

All the name calling and rumours need to be set aside and everyone needs to get on with making this event as safe and as successful as humanly possible.

The eyes of the world are on this region right now and it is time we put aside our differences and got on with it.

The anti-rally protesters have had their opportunity to change the course of events and their bid failed. They now need to step aside and accept the inevitable.

Protesters who decide on a course of action that will create unsafe practices or cause any harm to people or cars need to reconsider their actions. It is like anti-violence protesters who inflict violent behaviour on the people they are protesting about.

When this type of madness prevails the world closes its ears and does not want to listen - and in the end nothing is achieved.

So I call on the protesters to revise any plans they may have for actions that may cause injury or discomfort to anyone else, no matter what side of the rally fence they sit upon.

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