Celebrity chef Pete Evans shares his thoughts on paleo.
Celebrity chef Pete Evans shares his thoughts on paleo. Michele Sternberg

Protein chosen with care

I SAT down with celebrity chef Pete Evans who took me through a normal daily diet for him and explained the real paleo way. This is part 2 of our interview.

Q: Would you tell us what you eat and drink in a normal day?

A: It depends but I usually eat one or two meals a day, or I'll fast for a day. A normal meal would consist of a small amount of well sourced animal protein from land or sea and then the plate, bowl or pot is filled to the brim with fresh vegetables or salads with some good (non dairy) fats on the plate, a side of fermented vegetables and a daily broth or set bone broth jelly and that is it. If it is two meals then it will be the same.

Q: While I love the whole food focus that the paleo diet has brought to light, what are your thoughts on the high animal product ingestion and the science emerging suggesting that it increases inflammatory molecules, accelerated aging and disease?

A: I promote small amounts of animal protein not large amounts, which I think is where some of the confusion around paleo has come from. We are big on where the meat has come from and choose well-sourced animals that have had a natural diet and raised ethically by caring farmers or caught by fisher people.

We also advocate nose to tail, which is the most sustainable way forward.

Q: What do you find fun or enlivening about your work or life?

A: Sharing the never ending success stories of people who have gone paleo and are getting off medications, healing their health issues and living the lives they have always dreamt of living.

So many vegetarians and vegans, as well as people eating a SAD (standard Aussie diet) have decided to adopt paleo principles and share their stories of how easy it is and how much common sense it makes. This is the most rewarding part of my work.

Q: What new projects, books, talks, and work do you have coming up that you would like to share?

A: Our latest book on gut health has just been released with the amazing Helen Padarin and we are doing an event in Sydney and Melbourne in January next year which will be life changing for people. Remember once you heal your gut then the magic can start.

Find Pete and more on paleo at www.thepaleoway.com and find the complete interview with Pete on my website www.honortremain.com.au.

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