Casino Mixed Probus Club members with their awards given at last week’s 30th anniversary luncheon.
Casino Mixed Probus Club members with their awards given at last week’s 30th anniversary luncheon.

Probus celebrates good times

CASINO Mixed Probus Club inducted two new life members at its 30th anniversary luncheon at the Casino RSM Club last Thursday, and presented five others with a special service award.

Judging from the jokes and laughter, including some classics delivered by club stalwart Pauline Bonner and guest Karen Hogan, giving special service to Probus is not such an arduous task.

However, all those involved committed their time and energy with unswerving obedience to the club's motto of Friendship, Fellowship and Fun.

Life membership

Current president Margaret Macleay was most surprised to receive a life membership, thanks to her committed committee keeping that secret under careful wraps.

"For 40 years I was a registered nurse and I spent a lot of time organising other people," she admitted privately.

"People describe me as a task-oriented person."

Tom Dawson was the other inducted life member, saying his 30 years in the club had been incredibly good fun.

"Dave Jaggers and Bob Heathwood got me into this and I have never looked back," Tom said.

"And I will continue with Probus until they put me in a box."

Special service award

Tom's wife Claire received a special service award, noting that until 1995, when women were allowed to join, there had been something lacking with regards to organisation.

It was true that membership was down to a paltry 30 in the years before women came on board and today it runs at 117 with a waiting list to join.

Geoff Marks, Ann Weston, Beryl Kosters, Joyce Chie and Claire Dawson were other members awarded for special service.

Joyce was the first woman to join back in 1995, although several others were right there at the start of the mixed club.

Fun, friends and fellowship

President Margaret, who joined with her late husband Henry in 1997, said the club's motto of fun, friends and fellowship rang true at Casino, where so many active retirees carried on the tradition.

"Unlike a service club, Probus works to benefit its members and keep them active in the community," Margaret said.

Chairman of Probus South Pacific, Douglas Geekie, attended the luncheon and admitted Casino was a great club.

"The magic and electricity in this group is something to believe," he said.

As the Baby Boomers come of age, there will be increasing demands on Probus, Douglas said.

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