Proactive Flood Control: A Must

Destructive and life-threatening floods are fast becoming a reality in our modern world. This phenomenon is no longer isolated to the traditionally heavy-rainfall areas, and it has gotten climatologists rather worried. Low-lying cities and human settlements close to bodies of water (particular those in the floodplains) are at the most risk.

At this point, there is a heated yet ultimately unproductive debate whether global warming is caused by human industry and callousness concerning his natural environment. Whether or not man has anything to do with this trend, global warming is a major contributing factor towards the aberrant weather patterns, and part of this chaos are the floods that have broken previous historical records in destructive power and scope.

What are the citizens to do? For those who are already at areas that are noted to be at the highest risk of flooding (and find that moving away is currently not a viable option), a preemptive approach to surviving this watery force of nature should be a priority.

Listed below are a few ideas that could be implemented, each with varying levels of financial and temporal dedication:

Earthworks - Short or building concrete dykes and other water-controlling and redirecting structures, the manipulation of the land is one of the best ways to protect life and property against the ravages of a flood. While the local government is obliged to build flood-control structures to protect the populace, it is still in the hands of each citizens to do his or her utmost to protect their own property, and for as long as they are building structures on land they own or are leasing, these measures should be well within reason.

Shovels and sandbags can achieve much with many human hands behind them, but mechanized tools and heavy machinery can do much more, much better, and with better time efficiency. It should be a plausible consideration for one to purchase heavy equipment for anti-flooding purposes. Fortunately, there are many sources of relatively inexpensive surplus and second hand heavy equipment; online marketplaces like Rock&Dirt; can point people to the right path, in this case.

Emergency Evacuation Measures - There will be a point when even the most carefully and meticulously prepared defense against the floods will eventually give way. Forces of nature are not easy to surmount, and it is not the fault of any well-prepared citizen (or government, for that matter) that even their preparations ended up being overwhelmed. This is why preparations for evacuation and relief must always be done alongside all other measures.

The omni-useful first aid kit, supplies and provisions for three or more days for every member of the household, a route towards a safe haven or evacuation center, and it is also advised that floatation devices or even motorboats should be available, just in case.

Information and Communication - Perhaps the most important thing to have in your arsenal in disaster preparation are information and communication tools. Television and radio news channels and the internet weather news sites are prime sources of information as to the strength of the incoming rains and floods, and for areas which are particularly high-risk, it is a good idea to have a shortwave radio unit to keep tabs with authorities, in case other forms of communication cease to operate.

Stay safe and prepared, everyone.

About the Author - Stacey Thompson is a professional writer, marketer, entrepreneur, and a lover of weird little animals. She is based in San Diego, California, and maintains a blog with her closest friends, Word Baristas.

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