Principal's principles are hard to ignore

IT'S a rare occasion when the Department of Education invites the media for a school exclusive. So when I got the phone call asking me to visit Mullumbimby High School to interview principal Ian Graham and Department of Education North Coast Region School Director Greg Cloak, and was told I would have the run of the school, I didn't hesitate.

It has been a gruelling couple of weeks for Mr Graham with a small minority group in the local community calling for his head and having to deal with a school community coping with the grief and sadness of having lost one so young. So it was no wonder I found him a little worse for wear.

But even under that burden he took the time to praise and acknowledge Jai Morcom's father and the rest of the community which had supported him and his school so fervently during this time.

One needs to remember there are always two sides to every story, and this particular story has many undercurrents.

During times of violent and tragic loss people will react badly. But if anyone in this story has a right to behave badly it can only be the parents of Jai Morcom.

Yet Jai's father Steve Drummond has behaved impeccably under unimaginable duress. Unfortunately Mr Drummond has more pain to go through as he waits to discover what really happened to his son. No one is able to give him all the answers he seeks until the investigation into his son's death is finished.

I pray Mr Drummond is given the ongoing support he needs in the same way he has offered such support to his own community.

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