Prepare to laugh: some of the best driver fails of all time

DRIVER fails. They never cease to amaze, entertain or horrify.

And we've tracked down some of the best posted online to share with you here - because, well frankly, they're hilarious.

So here's your daily laugh covered.  And you're welcome.

No steering wheel? No problem! 

Dash Cam Owners Australia | Facebook


Brake! Braaaaaake!


Trailer? What trailer?

Bundys Worst Parkers | Facebook


Yep, that's legal.

Dash Cam Owners Australia | Facebook


That won't be covered by insurance.

Rainbow Beach Towing & Roadside Assist | Facebook


Whoops. Think you might have overloaded your ute there, mate?

Dash Cam Owners Australia | Facebook


Then there is this video. Aptly captioned: "It's an ingenious solution for a problem that should never have existed..."


Macgyver'ed it. This car was spotted doing 90kph between Bathurst and Orange in NSW.

Dash Cam Owners Australia | Facebook


And while it's not a driving fail, this one was just too funny to leave out.

Dash Cam Owners Off Road | Facebook

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