Premier's 'get tough' measures old news in Lismore

LISMORE is leading the push to curb antisocial drinking behaviour, Lismore Liquor Accord chairwoman Rebekka Battista said.

So it has come as a surprise that New South Wales Premier Nathan Rees named Mary Gilhooley's pub, on the corner of Keen and Woodlark streets, as being among the State's 50 worst for alcohol-related violence.

In fact, the pub is the only one named north of Port Macquarie.

The Premier announced that new 'get tough' measures, to take effect from December 1, would include 2am lock-outs, last call 30 minutes before closing and no shots of spirits after midnight.

However, Ms Battista says Mary Gilhooley's had done all of these things already.

“This is old news,” she said.

In fact, the Lismore Liquor Accord's tried and true ways were being adopted all over the district, she said.

Plans to curb Newcastle's notorious alcohol-related violence involve measures already adopted in Lismore.

Ms Battista said the Accord brought in the 'Late Nighter' bus service to discourage drink-driving, and it brought in early closing times on certain busy days, like the Lismore Cup.

“We have put in place lots of strategies to help reduce the image of Lismore as a party town and to encourage sensible drinking,” she said.

“And today Lismore is seen as a place where you can go out for drink and enjoy yourself, but not let loose like in the past.

“We have been working for years to reduce incidents and we are disappointed that the Premier released his announcement to the media before showing it to affected pubs like Mary Gilhooley's.”

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