Power(s) of love being confirmed by science

IN 1988, Frenchman René Peoc'h conducted a mind-blowing experiment. A small, self-propelled robot was guided by a random program so that in a 24-hour period it criss-crossed a rectangular cage, visiting all sections equally - truly randomised.

He then placed hatchling chicks beside the robot. The birds bonded to the robot (the first moving object they saw) and followed it faithfully.

He then placed these same chicks outside the cage, up one end and in sight of the robot, and started a new random program with the robot in the centre of the cage.

The robot never moved into the half of the cage away from the chicks, and somehow following its 'random' instructions it drew closer and closer to the beseeching chicks until it was tracking alongside the wall closest to them.

The experiment was repeated many times with similar results.

René even left the country, getting assistants to re-do the work so that he could not be accused of influencing the outcome. Same result.

Chicks not imprinted failed to affect the robot.

Professor Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne, from Princeton University, have shown that all of us can influence a random event generator.

People with no connection to the generator repeatedly influenced the results greatly.

The pair's US lab produced results from volunteers in Hungary and Brazil the same as those sitting just a few feet from the machine. Distance was irrelevant. It was also shown that when using two volunteers with an emotional attachment, the effects were greater.

The emotion of love seems to have a more powerful effect. Dunne theorised that the conscious human mind created some kind of 'resonance' with the surrounding world that lessened some of its randomness. “One form of this resonance is what we know as love,” she said. In Moscow, I met researchers who proved 100 per cent that a person in Moscow could raise and lower the heartbeat of a volunteer in Siberia at will, following random commands, and screened from all electrical contact. This skill was used to support cosmonauts during space missions.

We are all connected in this web of consciousness and creative forces. Love is the secret to manifesting and realising our dreams and passions into being. This is no longer Hippie philosophy; this is scientific fact and opens up an ocean of great possibilities. So send your loving energy out to create the world that you want - right now.

Researchers proved a person in Moscow could raise and lower the heartbeat of a volunteer in Siberia.

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