POWER PLAYERS: Lismore Squash Club's Division 5 grand final was won by Tina Budd, while her fiancee Kenny Gaffney was runner-up in Davison 6.
POWER PLAYERS: Lismore Squash Club's Division 5 grand final was won by Tina Budd, while her fiancee Kenny Gaffney was runner-up in Davison 6. Alison Paterson

Power ball finals see the fit, the fast and furious on court

SQUASH players powered around the courts in search of glory at the Lismore Grand Final on Monday night.

At the Lismore Squash Centre in Wyrallah Rd, players from all over the region battled it out and gave their all as they sought to make their opponents run in vain in an effort to secure a win.

It's a game which demands absolute concentration and while players leave the courts dripping in perspiration, there's no doubt from the grins on their faces they are having the time of their lives.

Player Tina Budd was thrilled to take out the Division 5 event.

Budd, 32, may be petite, but the primary school teacher is graceful on the court and packs a powerful serve.

She said she has played squash most of her life and said she was thrilled to join the club when she moved back to Lismore with her fiancee Kenny Gaffney.

"Squash is a fantastic way to get and stay fit,” she said.

"I have just moved back here and it's a great club to be involved with.”

Gaffney, 31, who works as a chef at Flock Cafe, said he's took up the sport after meeting Budd.

He said he was delighted to be the runner-up in Division 6.

"This is my first year playing and it's a great way to keep fit for rugby,” he said.

Lismore Squash Centre co-owner Beverley Lavender said she and partner Brenton Lewis love running the centre and club.

Lavender said the sport tends to attract interesting people who are passionate about the game and they often have several generations of 'squashies' as the players are known, having a hit.

And while at the higher levels squash demands high levels of flexibility, stamina and fitness, Lavender said it's a great sport for people looking for something different.

She said while you can play as part of a team, squash is ideal for people wanting to challenge themselves.

"Seeing a new player develop from an absolute beginner and gain confidence, fitness and skills as they progress is wonderful,” she said.

"We offer coaching and tournaments for players of all levels.”

Squash fans are also keen to see Australia's 10 player squad take on the some of the world's best when they play at the Commonwealth Games next year.

Lismore Squash Grand Final Results

Div 1

Winner- Greg Turner

Runner up- Leonard Gray

Div 2

Winner- Chad Mail

Runner up- Jesse Perkins

Div 3

Winner- Jack Wilson

Runner up- Chris Eyles

Div 4

Winner- Tony Jordan

Runner up- Indus Briggs

Div 5

Winner- Tina Budd 

Runner up- Reece Claydon

Div 6

Winner- Mark Essex

Runner up- Kenny Gaffney

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