Pooling resources at Kyogle

RAISING the school leaving age from 15 to 17 this year has left schools like Kyogle High ‘pedalling fast’ to develop programs for students they would not have otherwise retained, according to Department of Education and Training partnership support officer Anne Bowden.

Schools across the State have to develop new educational programs for children who are not academic, Ms Bowden said.

“They are working hard to deal with it,” she said.

Last month a meeting was held at Kyogle High School to discuss how the town’s agencies and stakeholders could work together to provide improved levels of support and new initiatives for young people in Kyogle.

“It’s about breaking down the barriers between the school and other agencies,” Ms Bowden said. “It’s about pooling resources.”

The meeting, attended by about 50 people, chose today to hold a forum at which youth can tell service providers and the school what it is they need.

Kyogle Youth Action youth worker Muranda Goodsell said some of the issues youth faced were boredom, lack of transport, rental accommodation shortages and few employment opportunities.

Ms Goodsell said the forum, called Kyogle Youth: Our Generation Leading and Engaging, was an opportunity for young people, aged between 12 and 25, to identify what they felt were the biggest issues they faced.

The forum will be an informal discussion and will be facilitated by Allison Lonsdale from Connect, a non-profit organisation that works with young people to set up work placements.

The forum is on at the Kyogle Youth Action building, beside the Memorial Pool, between 1pm and 4pm. KYA provides a safe space and a referral service for young people and is open from Tuesday to Friday, between 1pm and 5pm.

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