Pool game busts into pub brawl

A BRAWL at Woodburn's Rod 'n' Reel Hotel on Saturday night saw six people injured with two of them knocked out and one person hit by a car.

Police said they were called to three incidences at Woodburn at around midnight and are still trying to piece together the sequence of events.

Sergeant Claude Toscan said there was a fight at the pub involving up to ten people, with a number of people taken to Lismore Base Hospital with injuries resulting from assault.

He said one person was hit by a car and taken to hospital by ambulance.

Bruised, battered and feeling worse for wear, the Rod n Reel's publican and local councillor Daniel Simpson said he was stunned by the ferocity and violence that took place in the usually quiet and family-oriented pub.

"I was trying to stop a situation from happening and ended up being absolutely thumped," he said.

Mr Simpson said the start of the problem was when there were heated words between three men from out of town and locals at the pool table.

"I just watched them at first and then asked one of the gents to leave the hotel," he said.

"He became very aggressive very quickly."

Mr Simpson said at the same time he was talking to the aggressive man, one of the young local girls hit one of his friends and received a punch in return.

"In the seven years I've been running this pub I have never come across that sort of violence," he said.

"It's a night I'd rather forget."

Bartender Jamie 'Gibbo' Gibson who had been working at the pub in Evans Head had finished his shift and dropped in at Woodburn to see if anyone needed a lift home. "I walked in to see people busted up everywhere," he said.

"Two people were out cold and one of them was a girl."

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