Pony thieves dump its carcass back in its own paddock

Mini colt ‘Jake’ was allegedly stolen on Boxing Day.
Mini colt ‘Jake’ was allegedly stolen on Boxing Day. News Corp

UPDATE: STOCK and Rural Crime Branch investigators are continuing their enquiries into the peculiar case of a tiny missing horse.

A Queensland Police spokesperson said police were notified the horse was missing from a property at Kooralbyn on Christmas Day.

The spokesperson said there were no suspects.

"Police investigations are continuing and at the moment it is still an open case - there are no suspects listed," the spokesperson said.

UPDATE: THE owners of the miniature horse, stolen and then dumped dead back on their property, have released information about a possible lead.

The Kooralbyn residents posted an update on their Facebook page Bring Jake Justice this morning saying a gunmetal grey van was sighted in the area on the day of the theft.

"We have had one very good lead, which has now been corroborated by a second person. 

"A gunmetal grey people mover type van with NSW plates was seen close to the property in the early hours of Boxing Day.

"The first sighting was of the van parked at the property, and the second sighting was of the van driving very slowly along the road, in front of the property.

"We suspect the owner of this van is a local, or visits somebody locally, as other Kooralbyn residents have told us they have seen this van, or one like it, in the area in the past.

"Please, if anyone knows or sees this van, just make a note or photo of the number plate and pass it on to Policelink or to us."

They say the owner of the van might not have had anything to do with the theft of the miniature horse but it was in the right area at the right time.

"At the very least may have seen something, and needs to be eliminated from the enquiry."


EARLIER: HEARTLESS thieves have dumped the carcass of a miniature pony in the same southeast Queensland paddock it was stolen from two days before.

Three-month-old mini colt Jake was stolen from a property on Kooralbyn Rd in Knapps Creek, south of Beaudesert, on Boxing Day.

The animal, according to one of its owners, needed consistent medication and was very sick with sand colic and constipation.

In a desperate post on a local crime Facebook page, the owner, who asked not to be named, said the foal would be in "excruciating agony" without its pain medication and would "die in unimaginable pain".

"Please return him to us, or leave him somewhere and let us know where he is," the woman said.

"He is not weaned, his mother is frantic, and he is dependent on her for milk."

The woman and her partner, who said they are elderly disabled pensioners, started a Facebook page to "Bring Jake Home".

But the page has since been renamed "Bring Jake Justice" after its lifeless body was found dumped at the property on Wednesday.

"He's come home, he's come home dead," the woman told The Courier-Mail.

According to the Facebook page dedicated to the dead animal, no action would have been taken if Jake had been returned safely.

"But dumping his body back into the paddock was a low, cowardly act, and now we want to pursue this until they are brought to account for their actions," the post said.

Police confirmed a foal was reported stolen from Kooralbyn Rd about 9.30am on Boxing Day then found dead on December 28.

Investigations are continuing and anyone with information is advised to call Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.

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