Poll delivers huge win to Bangalow amateur photographer


Tallow Beach, Byron Bay
Tallow Beach, Byron Bay Surf n Turf Images

IN WHAT may be the most comprehensive poll win since we began Photo of the Day back in August, a whopping 70% of voters on The Northern Star website yesterday chose this picture from Surf n Turf Images for today's photo.

It's not like the competition wasn't strong either. We had some fantastic image submissions yesterday, including a couple of spectacular sunrise/sunset images, a great action photo, and a lovely photo of a jumping spider.

The winning photo, of Tallow Beach at Byron Bay, was submitted by David Hall, of Surf n Turf images.

David is an amateur photographer based at Bangalow. He started the Surf n Turf images Facebook page in June and has some brilliant shots on there - many taken just with an iPhone. You can also see more of his work on Instagram and Twitter.

Photo of the Day is intended to celebrate the beauty of the Northern Rivers and the talent of the region's photographers.

As well as appearing here, it is published on Page 2 of The Northern Star, is used as the cover image on our Facebook page that day and appears as part of an expanding gallery of images, which you can see below.

To submit an image for Photo of the Day, simply share it to our Facebook page.

We have a big selection of a dozen photos to choose from for tomorrow's Photo of the Day, including several submissions from first time entrants. Welcome and thanks for joining in!

Take a look at the poll below and pick your favourite image. You can see full-size versions of the photos in this gallery or by clicking the gallery link above the thumbnails within the poll.

If you are viewing this from a mobile device and wish to vote you'll need to switch from the mobile version of our site to the desktop version. To do this, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap "full site", then head back into the poll. Our apologies for this - it's a bug in the new mobile platform and we should have it fixed soon.

Voting closes at noon.

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