Police witness Lennox Head burnout

CRANKY driver Jonathan Dale won't be displaying his talents at smoking burnouts any time soon after his unfortunate timing behind the wheel of his Holden Rodeo ute.

His burnout at Lennox Head was witnessed bya senior police officer,Insp Matthew Kehoe, who was clearly unimpressed with his antics.

Moments later the Ocean Shores man slammed his ute into a power pole and through the fence of a cow paddock after side-swiping a car, whose shocked driver had just pulled over to take a mobile phone call.

Dale, 22, pleaded guilty in the Ballina Local Court to reckless driving and mid-range drink-driving after being caught with a blood-alcohol level of 0.136 at 8.50pm on December 26 last year.

Magistrate Kim Pogson was equally unimpressed by Dale's driving and jailed him for 12 months, immediately suspending the sentence.

He ordered Dale to be of good behaviour for 12 months.

His drunken Boxing Day driving antics also proved costly – Dale was fined $1000 and disqualified from driving for four years until June 2014.

In police facts before the court, Insp Kehoe, from the Richmond Local Area Command, said he saw Dale's ute do a burnout – or, in his words, ‘perform' – at 8.56pm last Boxing Day.

The ute went on to the wrong side of the road, had smoke coming from the rear and the rear tyres were screeching.

Dale fish-tailed his ute back on to the correct side of Ballina Road and pursuing officers turned on the police car's flashing lights.

But Dale accelerated away at speed.

Police lost sight of his ute until they came across it moments later crashed off North Creek Road.

The Rodeo ute had smashed into a fence and the officers saw two men running into a cow paddock below the crash site.

Back-up police called to the scene rounded up Dale and the other man, and Dale was found to be bleeding from the head.

Police state he smelled strongly of alcohol and was ‘belligerent' toward them.

His ute was extensively damaged ‘with the rear tray at almost a right-angle to the cab'.

A motorist at the crash scene told police that he had parked his car on the western side of the road to take a mobile phone call when the ute cametoward him at speed and on the wrong side of the road.

The ute driver had lost control and drove around him ‘swiping the passenger side mirror off and smashing the passenger side window, showering the stationary driver in glass', police said.

The witness told police that if the driver had not pulled over the ute, which was on the wrong side of the road, it would have collided head-on with his car.

Police facts said Dale's ute hit a power pole then continued another 16 metres before colliding with a farm fence.

Dale said he did the burnout because he was ‘cranky'.

He told police he drank two beers at the Ballina Boxing Day horse races and then three or four vodka sunrises at the Lennox Point Hotel.

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