Police solve 60s mystery

IT ISN'T the usual investigation undertaken by a police crime manager, but this called for specialist skills.

Richmond Local Area Command crime manager, Detective Inspector Greg Moore recently found an old silver trophy buried in a box at Lismore Police Station engraved with the words; "The Northern Star Cup, 1965, Won by the Cops".

Following an intensive two-week joint investigation, The Northern Star can now reveal the cup was presented to the 1965 winner of an annual cricket match held throughout the 1960s at Nesbitt Park between The Northern Star journalists and local police officers.

The cup symbolises an era when cops and reporters worked much more closely and, as was the case in Lismore, even shared a snapper - former Northern Star photographer Darcy McFadden.

Retired production manager Gary Savins remembers the game well, having worked at The Star from 1958 until he retired in 2001.

"It was our cricket day, an annual event where we'd play the police," he said.

"I captained our side and we used to have some great matches, but the trouble with the coppers was they were never out - I mean if you appealed they'd say, 'Like hell it is' and you couldn't argue; they were the cops," he quipped.

"Sergeant Harvey Wilson was captain of the cops and he was a top sportsman; from memory he was the number-one left-handed amateur golfer in Australia.

"Back then we had 60 people in production and we even had internal matches between the news- paper and the printery.

"We also used to also play (Grafton's) The Daily Examiner, the Gold Coast Bulletin, the Murwillumbah Daily News and The Courier Mail. They were fair dinkum matches too, turf wickets and all dressed in the creams."

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