Police seek help over mystery cash

POLICE are appealing to the public for any information on the large sum of cash handed in to them at Lismore on Friday.

The cash totalling $95,910 in old, mixed notes was handed into police at 11am by two boys accompanied by their mother at a Lismore business premises.

Lismore police were fielding calls from the media most of yesterday and Inspector Michael Heap was concerned about the effect the attention would have on the boys from Tuntable Creek.

“These are two innocent kids who were fishing in their local creek and stumbled across this money and absolutely did the right thing.” he said.

“Obviously there could be an element of concern about the origin of this money if no one came forth to claim it, and these boys should not be exposed to that by breaking their anonymity.

“Given the circumstances of the find, I think the boys have a complete right to anonymity in this case.”

Lismore police supervisor Senior Constable Ross Wilson told The Northern Star that in cases like this the money was usually returned to the people who found it, if no one claimed it, after all appropriate channels of inquiry had been exhausted.

“In this case their parents or guardians would need to be involved,” he said.

Police have conducted a search of the area where the boys found the cash but found nothing new, adding 'it could have come from miles upstream'. Senior Constable Wilson admitted he hadn't come across this sort of thing very often and, being such a large sum of money, it did raise alarm bells.

“The police media unit has been informed of course, and the office of the commissioner and also our regional headquarters in Newcastle,” he said.

At this stage the investigation was ongoing and police have no evidence that the money was from the proceeds of crime.

Lismore police have appealed for anyone with a claim or information regarding the discovery of the money to contact them on 6626 0599, or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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