Superintendent Bruce Lyons
Superintendent Bruce Lyons Northern Star

Police raise profile to combat Tabulam crime

SUPERINTENDENT Bruce Lyons met with concerned Tabulam residents this week to discuss the area's growing crime rate.

Supt Lyons said he understood residents' frustration given the recent spate of crimes in the town and said three officers would be rostered in rotation to man Tabulam's police station, which has no permanent officer.

Tabulam residents had become so concerned about the growing number of thefts, break-ins and acts of vandalism.

Several hundred had signed a petition addressed to the local council, and the NSW and Federal governments requesting two full-time police officers.

Tabulam business owner Jo Cherry said that while damage to the town could be fixed – lives of young perpetrators could be ruined if police and the community didn't step in to do something about it.

Quoting from a letter compiled by the indigenous community of Tabulam, Sedrick Walker said the town needed 'caring and committed residents to roll up their sleeves and get on with tackling the real problem of crimes committed by the town's youth'.

Mr Walker believes part of the solution lies in attracting more funding to improve services and facilities in the Tabulam area – one of the most economically disadvantaged in the state.

Supt Lyons said an officer would attend upcoming Tabulam Chamber of Commerce meetings.

“We really need people to have confidence in the police and actually report crimes when they occur,” Supt Lyons said.

“Often in small towns where there is one or two police, people don't think its worthwhile reporting it.”

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