OPINION: Plebiscite unnecessary

I THINK the Australian Government should grow a pair and stop wasting money on a plebiscite for same sex marriage.

Australia is being sold lock, stock and barrel and if we're going to have a plebiscite, stop selling Australian assets would be a legitimate reason to have one.

You can sell your fish but if you sell the pond you can't sell your fish, don't you get it?

The Far North Coast is sometimes known as the Rainbow Region thanks to all those Aquarius festivals of the 70s.

The Casino to Murwillumbah railway needs funding and the Federal Government has apparently got $500 million dollars for a plebiscite.

Easy, we'll create a wedding express train where same sex folk can declare their love and get married while taking in the beautiful vistas of the Far North Coast.

The fact is that instead of showing backbone the Federal Government wants to spend money on a divisive plebiscite asking people for an opinion on how other people live their lives.

All these discrimination laws aren't worth squat if we have to ask people to decide on the rights of others.

Unless you're the one getting married it shouldn't be an issu,e except when the celebrant says does anyone object to these two getting married.

So, Malcolm, don't worry about your image - bite the bullet, pass some legislations and hop aboard the Wedding Express which your $500 million would make happen instead of being wasted on a divisive plebiscite.

Tony Leggo, Bonalbo

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