'Please explain' big screen bound

A FILM charting Pauline Hanson's controversial life is close to being given the green light as producers meet studio executives in New York.

Producer Leanne Tonkes from Melbourne's Head Studios has sent the script, to which Cate Blanchett is attached, to film-studios in Toronto and New York.

“We're now at the stage of shopping it overseas,” Ms Tonkes said. “It's still in script development and we will be finishing a new draft soon.

“I've just come from talks in Toronto and I'm having meetings in New York with prospective studios this week.

“When I come back to Australia we will know where we stand.”

The film, tentatively titled Please Explain, would be partially shot in Ipswich and Ms Tonkes said she was determined to give the film a semi-documentary feel similar to the 2008 Academy Award nominated film Milk.

More than $110,000 in public funding has already been received for script development from Screen Australia and Film Victoria.

Award-winning screenwriter and playwright Stephen Sewell is on board as is director Anna Broinowksi, best known for her account of the Norma Khouri literary hoax, Forbidden Lie$.

The Hanson bio-pic will chart the fiery redhead's rise from the anonymity of an Ipswich fish and chip shop owner to the celebrity status she achieved during her politically incorrect stint in politics.

It will also depict her fall from grace and subsequent legal battles.

Ms Tonkes has had several meetings with Ms Hanson regarding the film.

“She is still very wary of the media and she still sees us as the media, so I guess you could say the meetings were ... pleasant,” Ms Tonkes said.

Blanchett has been a key figure in getting the film to where it is now, but if she is to play Ms Hanson, the film will not begin shooting anytime soon as Blanchett has just signed up to star alongside Renee Zellweger in Indian Summer next year.

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