Planes technical faults identified

A VIRGIN Blue plane departing from the Gold Coast airport was found to have a number of technical faults causing a loss of pressurisation, with two crew members forced to use oxygen masks in the toilet.

The Australian Safety Transport Bureau released a report on Thursday about the flight, which took place on November 17, 2007, carrying two flight crew, four cabin crew and 145 passengers.

“Two of the cabin staff were unable to confirm oxygen flow to their individual masks and believing them to be faulty used the oxygen masks in the aircraft lavatories,” the report read.

“While activating the oxygen masks in the lavatory, one of the cabin crew pulled the tubing away from the oxygen generator, rendering the mask unserviceable.”

The report stated that during the take-off, the master caution system activated and the right bleed trip-off light illuminated, however the pilot in command initially chose to continue the take-off.

“The right engine bleed could not be reset, only the left engine bleed air was available for air-conditioning and cabin pressurisation,” the report read.

After a loss of cabin pressure the crew fitted their emergency oxygen masks, advised passengers to do the same, and the plane commenced an emergency descent into Brisbane.

Despite the in-flight complications no passengers sustained injuries and there was no damage to the aircraft.

An investigation found that a combination of technical faults contributed to the loss of pressurisation, and identified other safety factors relating to operational procedures and cabin crew knowledge of the oxygen system used by passengers..

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