DRUGS of both the chemical and plant variety, deadly weapons, gold, jewels, cash and rare coins - even an ancient Roman coin from the reign of the notoriously brutal emperor Caracalla.

These were just some of the suspected stolen items seized this morning by Richmond police during the execution of a search warrant on a Nimbin property.

The items are believed by police to be a hoard collected as a result of a spate of thefts in the Nimbin area over the last six months.

They are now urging anyone who has been the victim of a theft during that time to come forward and report the matter.

A 45-year-old man apprehended at the property was "assisting police with enquiries" and was expected to be charged with a number of offences, Detective Chief Inspector Cameron Lindsay said.

They would include the possession of stolen goods, weapons and drugs as well as intent to supply.


"This seizure highlights just the need for people to report break and enters," Det Chief Insp Cameron Lindsay said.

"A lot of this property we now have to find owners for, and link back to various break and enters, and it makes it very difficult if people don't report that to police."

What led police to the bounty of criminal treasure was an investigation in conjunction with Queensland police into a recent assault and robbery at Jupiter's Casino on the Gold Coast.

The 45-year-old man is also expected to be charged with that offence.

Det Chief Insp Cameron Lindsay said the enquiry over the stolen property was "ongoing" and other offenders were certainly involved.

He said the discovery of deadly weapons along with drugs such as ice was concerning.

"We have firearms and other weapons that can be very dangerous, particularly when mixed with the drugs on the table as well," he said.

"We all know the dangers of ice, you mix that with firearms and a fair bit of weapons and you have a really toxic mix."

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