'F*** off, no one comes here to arrest me'

ANDREW Vesey-Brown snubbed a court order by failing to attend drug diversion and also missed court before angrily telling police he had lawyers for that shit.

Vesey-Brown, 21, dressed in boardies, singlet and thongs, pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court to failing to appear before court, contravening a police requirement, committing a public nuisance on November 28, and failing to surrender into custody on December 7.

Prosecutor Sgt Barry Stevens said when Vesey-Brown was asked why he didn't attend court he replied "I have lawyers for that shit", then became aggressive toward police, telling them to "f*** off, no one comes here to arrest me", while waving his arms around.

Sgt Stevens said he was told to calm down but continued to complain and swear at officers before telling them to take their arms off him.

Police then restrained him.

Andrew Vessey-Brown faced the Gladstone Magistrates Court.
Andrew Vessey-Brown faced the Gladstone Magistrates Court.

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He said Vesey-Brown was given bail and after again failing to appear in court was found by police hiding in a courtyard.

His lawyer Dave McHenry told the court that when Vesey-Brown was not taking his medications he had no respect for authority.

Mr McHenry said Vesey-Brown was a fitter working in his grandparents business and blamed the reason for failing to attend on "his regime of various tablets" prescribed by a doctor for mental health issues.

Mr McHenry named the medications, saying Vesey-Brown had not taken them 24 hours before he failed to appear in court and was later found by his nanna and pop sleeping at a friend's house.

"If he is not on medication he has no respect for authority," he said.

Mr McHenry said that in the past when legally representing Vesey-Brown in other matters his lawyers would always chase him (to get to court), however, he ultimately must be responsible for his court attendance.

The lawyer also explained to magistrate Jeffrey Clarke how Vesey-Brown previously had to write a 1000 word essay on his life that had to be put before another magistrate.

Mr Clarke urged Vesey-Brown to continue taking his medication and to stay off illicit drugs otherwise it got him into trouble.

Vesey-Brown was fined $600 and forfeited $500 from a previous good behaviour recognizance.

He was sentenced to a 12 month Probation Order and must take part in counselling and other programs, and submit to urine tests.

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