Simone Campbell's photo.
Simone Campbell's photo. Simone Campbell

Photo of the Day: Big waves at Boulder Beach

SIMONE Campbell's photo, taken at Boulder Beach, took 53% of the vote in yesterday's poll to become today's Photo of the Day.

Photo of the Day celebrates the beauty of the Northern Rivers and the talent of its people.

As well as appearing here, it is published on page 2 of our print edition and appears as the cover image on our Facebook page.

To contribute to Photo of the Day, share an image to our Facebook page or vote in our weekday poll, below, before noon. 


NOTE: Starting from Monday, the way Photo of the Day is run will change.

The poll, which currently goes live at 6am with voting closing at noon, will instead go live in the evening and voting will be open overnight before the poll closes at 8am. 

This will mean photo entries will need to be in by 2pm on weekdays.

This will mean the cover image on our Facebook page will be changed at night instead of in the morning.

The poll that goes live on Monday night will select Wednesday's Photo of the Day; Tuesday night's will select Thursday's photo; Wednesday night's will select Friday's photo; and the poll that will now be held over Thursday night will continue to select the Photo of the Day for Saturday and Monday.

The Photo of the Day published in Tuesday's newspaper will be a "Photographer's choice" - our photography department will pick any other photo from the last week (which did not take the highest votes) to be Tuesday's Photo of the Day.

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