Pip Carter is again calling on Ballina Shire councillors to keep Lake Ainsworth's eastern road open.
Pip Carter is again calling on Ballina Shire councillors to keep Lake Ainsworth's eastern road open. Graham Broadhead

People will stop coming to lake if road is closed: OPINION

BALLINA Shire Council has a responsibility for the management of the Lake Ainsworth area and it appears they have neglected the lake area and allowed it to run down, which suits the present agenda which is being pushed - complaints of unsafe interaction between lake users and vehicles are providing grounds for the closure of the eastern road.

The council has allowed significant erosion to continue along the foreshore, caused by their persistent lack of maintenance.

Approximately six metres plus of the foreshore has eroded to the point that lake users can sit on the road and put their feet in the water when the lake is full.

An excavator could easily restore the lost foreshore at the southern and eastern edges of the lake within two days, if senior staff and the Mayor had the will to do so.

Restoration of six metres of shoreline provides open family space and mitigates vehicle and pedestrian risk.

Implementing stormwater treatment measures, curb and gutter or reshaping the existing road to fall away from the lake will enhance the area.

Dr Lyn Walker talks about "transforming the eastern road" at Lake Ainsworth.

What she proposes results in restricting access or denial of access.

Cr Phil Meehan also stated at a council meeting on November 24 that "he foreshadows a motion that the eastern road be closed immediately due to unacceptable safety concerns in regards to unregulated interactions between pedestrians and traffic".

But 96.2% of people door-knocked support keeping the road, parking and lake access open.

That is to say, out of 625 people door-knocked from Skennars Head to Ross St in Lennox Head, 595 people wanted the road to remain open and 14 people wanted the road closed and 16 did not have an opinion either way.

Are some councillors listening? It will make access extremely difficult for families, aged and the disabled if the road is closed.

The broader Lennox Head, Ballina and Lismore community have a strong, long and traditional connection with the eastern and southern access to the lake area, allowing our families, and friends to meet and relax for generations.

In particular, the northern and southern end of the eastern road has played a significant part in most residents and visitors lives.

Full access and use of the road must be kept and maintained on the eastern side of the lake.

Currently, the two new car parks don't cater for peak demand and that's utilising our existing east road car parking, which they want to deny the community.

Where are people going to park? What safety hazards will this bring closer to and amongst the community? Is the agenda to stop people from coming to our Lake Ainsworth? This will affect business houses!

Please restore Lake Ainsworth to its former glory for the enjoyment of generations to come.

Vote on Change.org. Search and then enter Lake Ainsworth in the search bar to keep the road open.

Pip Carter,

Lennox Head

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