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Pensioner stung by scam

PENSIONER Paul Chivers has little hope of getting back the $5000 he put into a Ballina-based investment company, with the business no longer answering his phone calls or emails.

The company - Dellingworth Pty Ltd - has also taken down its website and its 1300 number has been disconnected.

All online details of the company have disappeared.

The Northern Star has also made repeated attempts to contact Dellingworth, with no success.

Mr Chivers has now made an official complaint to the police.

Mr Chivers lives at Arcadia Vale south of Newcastle and first heard about Dellingworth at a financial expo in Sydney.

The firm offered to invest money in the stockmarket, and provide Mr Chivers and others with a share of each day's trading.

Dellingworth made their money by taking their cut.

Mr Chivers put $1000 into Dellingworth in January to trial the offer, and, after a week, decided to add another $4000.

He could view his account online and was able to contact Dellingworth staff via email and phone nearly every business day.

However, a few weeks ago, he began to receive emails that he described as "strange" and nearly a fortnight ago, his account and the Dellingworth website disappeared.

The 1300 phone number has been cut off, and a mobile phone belonging to a sales executive now rings out.

He waited a week before filing a report with police.

Dellingworth Corporation occupies premises at Cnr Kerr St and Fox St, Ballina, according to ASIC documents obtained by The Northern Star.

But the business could not be located.

The ASIC documents list Anne Jane Jones as director and secretary of the company, after replacing Jennifer Anne Wood in December last year. She lives in Ashmore in Queensland.

A spokeswoman from ASIC said she could not say whether any complaints had been received about Dellingworth.

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