Pens to paper for youth music comp

A YOUNG local band has jumped from high school music lessons, to after school jam sessions and is on the way to regional recognition as part of the Young Songwriters Competition.

The inaugural competition is part of Lismore’s Youth Week activities and provides an opportunity for local songwriters to showcase their talent.

Five-man band, Momentary Distraction, have entered in the hope of expanding their reputation and winning one of several major prizes up for grabs.

“We thought we were ready to start doing more things to expand and I came across the competition and entered,” lead guitarist Julian McPherson said.

“I always say give it a go because if you never do, you never have a chance of winning.

“It’s a great way of meeting new bands, getting seen and familiarising ourself with the music scene,” the 16-year-old said.

The band also consists of vocalist Nathan Haycock, 17, keyboardist Luke Rosten, 16, drummer Anthony Scholten, 16, and bass guitarist Tallow Watson, 17.

The Year 11 boys started out in music class together and then moved on to garage jam sessions three times a week after school.

With a few school gigs and one Lismore Show performance up their sleeves, the Richmond River High students are looking to bigger and better things.

“We want to be up there next to Muse,” vocalist Nathan Haycock said.

“As for a foreseeable goal we eventually want to play at the Soundwave festival.”

The band entered the pop/metal/rock section of the competition, which is also open to hip-hop/R’n’B and folk/country entrants.

The Young Songwriters Competition will be judged by three renowned musicians and the winner will perform at Lismore City Hall on April 18.

Entries for the competition close Friday, March 26 but Lismore City Council youth development officer Lizette Twisleton is still encouraging young artists between 15 and 25 years old to enter an MP3 of their music along with their original lyrics into the competition

“We want to engage young people in having a voice of their own and to showcase themselves to the community,” Ms Twisleton said.

“This is a very creative area with very creative young people so let’s give them a hand.”

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