Tijuana Cartel's Paul George releases own music project

Byron Bay musician Paul George.
Byron Bay musician Paul George.

PSYCHADELICATESSEN is the name of Tijuana Cartel's upcoming album.

But before the band releases their new tunes, lead vocalist Paul George needs to get a rabbit out of his hat.

A black one, to be more precise.

Black Rabbit George is Paul's new music project, one with a more folksy and stripped-back sound, where the songs are very personal and, some of them, co-written with members of his family.

This is the end of a very long and personal process, he explained.

"I've had these songs for quite a long time, I just never had the opportunity to record them," Paul said.

"It got to a point where it was like, I better do it now or I'm never going to do it.

"I went through all the songs I had (written) over the past few years.

"I picked two and recorded those."

Paul explained the name of the project came from an evil black rabbit he used to watch in a cartoon.

"It's like an obsession, it stuck with me since I was a kid. I decided to use it as it seems to suit the music," he said.

Besides Dusty Fingers, the main track, Paul chose Black Dog as a bonus track in the release.

Black Dog was written by Peter George, a former ABC Sydney journalist and Paul's father, who lives in Tasmania.

Peter wrote the lyrics three years ago but Paul only added music to it six weeks ago.

"He wrote a number of songs for me years ago and one night I put those lyrics into a song and it all came together," Paul said.

"It has great lyrics and it was great working with my dad in a song."

With Tijuana Cartel's new album coming out in early September, Paul is not planing an album release for Black Rabbit George until next year.

"I'd like to release a six-song EP in March 2016 and then do an Australian tour with it," he said.


Black Rabbit George will perform this Saturday at the Miami Marketta at the Gold Coast w/ The Altais


Dusty Fingers

DUSTY Fingers celebrates Paul George's trademark guitar.

However, the new album also reveals some new layers fans will not be familiar with.

The tracks meander along without voice for some time.

When the vocals do start, the lyrical content is haunting, reflective and abstract.

"This was a rare track for me, one of the only ones to flow seamlessly from the first chord to the final edit," George told Pulse.

"This is a project that has been welling up somewhere inside for a long while.

"Dusty Fingers is the cathartic birth I've been searching for."

A bonus track, Black Dog, features talented local singer/songwriter Felicity Lawless on harmony vocals, and will be released along with Dusty Fingers.

Black Dog is a spine-tingling slice of melancholic musical finery, exploring the age-old topic of one's own mortality.

Dusty Fingers will be released on Saturday, May 9, via http://www.blackrabbitgeorge.com.

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