Pauline Hanson's marijuana plea to Malcolm Turnbull

PAULINE Hanson has directly lobbied Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to provide an amnesty to suppliers and users of medicinal cannabis.

Her appeal to Mr Turnbull follows the raid on the house of an Adelaide woman who produces and supplies medicinal cannabis oil for free to terminally ill patients around Australia.

Ms Hanson appealed to One Nation supporters to lobby the Prime Minister to support an amnesty for medicinal cannabis users and suppliers.


"Most of you know I've been a long advocate of Medicinal Cannabis, due to its effective relief for so many ailments, conventional drugs can't offer," Ms Hanson posted on her Facebook page.

"I can reveal yesterday, I appealed directly to the Prime Minister to intervene and give amnesty to users and suppliers of this vital life saving drug so many people and families are no longer forced to use this in secret."

Ms Hanson called for the politicians across Australia to follow the lead of the Labor Government and LNP opposition in Queensland, who in a bipartisan agreement last year, passed legislation to allow patients to access medicinal cannabis.

She called on the Prime Minister to look at federal legislation to allow for legal suppliers to operate within the law.

"My understanding is, there is no legal supplier at present in Australia and hence the police raid on this supplier," she wrote.

South Australian police raided the northern Adelaide home of Jenny Hallam last Wednesday morning and seized products and equipment related to the production of cannabis oil.

A long-time advocate for medicinal cannabis, Ms Hallam supplies her cannabis oil to the sick and terminally ill all across Australia.

Ms Hanson said anyone who backs new medicinal cannabis legislation should contact the Prime Minister.

"Please show your support and let's lobby the Prime Minister to intervene and help save these families. I'm sure his office would appreciate your call tomorrow on (02) 9327 3988.

"Be nice, though, we want his support!

"I thank all politicians who have got behind this cause and ask those who haven't, raise your white flag on party politics for a moment and lets work together to give these people some help in a time of need."

Ms Hanson and Mr Turnbull have been contacted for further comment.

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