Parks not a place for disgusting behaviour

I AM outraged at what is going on in apublic park at Ballina.

It is not about sexual preferences, it is a matter of where people choose to explore it that is the problem.

I think it is disgusting that grown men believe they can parade their sexual appetites in a local community space.

It says a lot about what they think about their own community.

I would hope the men involved would have enough common decency to choose to take their sexual encounters to a motel, instead of a public place.

I guess they are too stingy to do so, preferring to flaunt their behaviour in front of the elderly and our kids.

Who are these men that think they can treat our local community facilities with such contempt?

Ballina Shire Council needs to get actively behind stamping out this behaviour right now. No one should have to put up with men having sex together in their local park.

Parents must be horrified to think their kids might encounter two men acting out their sexual fantasies in public.

The local police also need to do a lot more than conduct an occasional patrol in this park. This is
criminal behaviour that needs to be stopped now.

Residents should be outraged enough to petition both the council and police to act on this matter immediately.

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