Byron Bay artist Terezka Beck.
Byron Bay artist Terezka Beck.

Painting beer kegs for good cause

LOCAL Brewery Stone & Wood have invited 12 renowned Australian artists from various fields, to be involved in this first-of-its-kind art show, the inaugural Keg Show to be held at the Stone & Wood Brewery, Byron Bay, this coming Friday.

All artists will be using stainless steel kegs, in place of canvases, to create unique, three-dimensional works of art.

Artists contributing to the Keg Show include Beci Orpin, Ben Brown, Catherine Campbell, Beastman, Numskull, Sara Hingle, Claudio Kirac, Nick Chalmers, Milly Loveknuckles, Amber B, Phibs and local artists Terezka Beck, and Milly Loveknuckles.

Rick Bannister from Stone & Wood describes the event as unique, born from a crazy idea that came to him while he was painting a keg.

“We paint our kegs with a simple green stripe, so we don’t lose them. And while painting it occurred to me – what if we got some real artists to paint an entire keg each and then sold them for charity?”

Bannister said that he got a fantastic response from artists willing to participate. Each of the artists have nominated a charity of their choice to be the recipients of half the proceeds of kegs sold, with the other half of the proceeds going to the artist for their time and materials.

Bannister describes Byron Bay-based Terezka Beck’s keg as amazing.

“Terezka’s background is in fine art and she normally paints with oil. What she has done with the keg is she has kept it looking raw – it’s still got the green stripe on it. She’s painted two portals, one on either side of the keg, like a boat.

"In one of the portals you see a girl partially under water, on the other side you see what’s underwater –it’s a mermaid. I was so impressed by the detail. It’s beautiful.”

Terezka Beck herself was amused at the prospect of painting a beer keg.

“I’ve never painted a keg before,” she says.

“Rick asked me to get involved and as it was for charity, I thought why not? The reality of painting a keg has been a bit of a challenge though, I’m used to painting on canvas, but it’s been a lot of fun.

” As an animal lover, Beck has nominated her favourite charity, Sea Shepherd, to share the sale price of the keg should it sell.”

The Keg Show will be showing at the Stone & Wood Brewery in Byron Bay at 4 Boronia Place, Byron Bay Industrial Estate on Friday, June 4 from 6pm-9pm. Phone 6685 5173

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