P-plater succeeds in appeal against suspension

CASINO P-plater Joseph Francis Hannigan has six months to behave on the roads after appealing against an RTA-imposed three-month licence suspension for speeding through a school zone.

Hannigan, 22, was given this time not to reoffend by magistrate Jeff Linden in Casino Local Court yesterday, when he deferred giving a final decision on the appeal until July 8.

Hannigan is allowed to keep driving during that time.

He was caught by police on August 6, 2008, speeding more than 30km/h above the 40km/h speed limit outside the Casino Christian Community School in Manifold Road.

In his letter to the court, Hannigan, who lives at Shannonbrook, stated: “I did not realise I had entered a school zone.

“I do not drive this road regularly. It wasn't until I saw the police car that it dawned on me.

“At the time of my offence I concede I made an error by not abiding by the reduced school zone speed limit.”

Hannigan said the speed limit went from 100km/h to 40km/h while the school zone speed limit was in force.

He said hardship would be also imposed on his family and friends who would have to assist him by providing transport for the three months he had to go without his licence under the terms of the RTA's suspension.

“I am well aware of the dangers of speeding and undertake to the court that this will not happen again,” he wrote in his letter.

In his grounds for appeal, lodged through Hannigan's solicitors, he cited his good character and driving history, and his need of a licence for his work as a sales assistant for a machinery company.

“I believe the decision to suspend my licence is harsh and unjust,” it stated.

In considering the matter, Mr Linden said the P-plater had a previous offence and licence suspension for drink-driving.

“It's a very unimpressive record. A very unimpressive speed,” he said.

Mr Linden said if Hannigan had any more offences in that time he would not return his licence.

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