Using oxygen to heal the body

IT SOMETIMES takes a life-threatening situation to spur a person into decisive action.

Thanks to the Reverend Dudley Spofford’s terminal cancer we can all now experience ozone therapy.

Refusing to accept his diagnosed imminent death from lymphoma cancer in 1996, Rev Spofford decided to take things into his own hands. He rediscovered and developed ozone therapy and is still alive to tell the tale.

Ozone is a form of oxygen produced when an electric spark passes through pure oxygen.

Originally used to disinfect operating rooms and sterilise surgical instruments in the mid-1800s, it was also used in World War I by doctors short on medication. Treating infected wounds, doctors discovered it had an anti-inflammatory effect and by the mid-1900s they were singing its praises in the medical journal, Lancet.

It appears to have profound effects on some types of health challenges, particularly infections, although proponents claim much more.

In Europe, patients have blood removed, treated with ozone and then reinserted into the body. It is believed to inactivate many disease bacteria and viruses. This is not allowed in Australia.

I experienced ozone therapy at the Mullum Sari in Mullumbimby, a recently-opened day spa near the town centre.

I sat and read a newspaper as I breathed in the super-powered oxygen through my nose, while sipping a glass of iced ozone water.

Its tangy taste and aroma reminded me if being by the seaside after a thunderstorm.

My therapist Sally told me about its effective treatment of skin disorders through feeding ozone into a sealed area around the infection, or by cupping the area with a sealed glass cup with an ozone entry and exit.

Priding themselves on offering the very latest therapies from around the world, I discovered an Aladdin’s cave of innovative health devices, including an intriguing rubbery water bed that massages your fully-clothed body with high-powered water jets.

Mullum Sari will soon have a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, which totally envelops the body and changes the air pressure around it, enabling the blood to carry more oxygen, stimulating healing from within.

They also have colonic irrigation and far infra-red sauna on offer, which are great for detoxing the body.

Ozone therapy requires repeated treatments to see results, so I cannot report any dramatic personal changes.

If you have skin disorders, ulcers, stubborn infections, or even something more challenging, this new process may be worth exploring.

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