Overwhelmed by people's kindness

WE ARE so fortunate to live on the Northern Rivers.

Yes, the beaches are stunning and the rainforests are spectacular, but for me it's the people.

This weekend, the people of Mullumbimby will come together to raise money for, to some in the community, a complete stranger and her family who have lost everything in a terrifying housefire.

It is always heart-warming to see the generosity of an entire community reaching out, and something I am privileged to witness regularly through my work at the newspaper.

I remember the generosity of the people on the Northern Rivers after the disastrous Victorian bushfires.

So many donations and packages were left at The Northern Star offices that we were pushing journalists out on to the lawn to make room for it all.

Every day the office opened, the pile of donations had grown. We were amazed by how much people were willing to give and how much they wanted to help.

Now Australians have once again shown how generous they can be, donating more than $900,000 to the Red Cross to help supply relief after the Indonesian earthquake, the Pacific tsunami and the Philippines typhoon.

But even the smallest good deed can change someone's day - holding a door open for someone who is carrying too much, or bringing in a neighbour's wheelie bin - it all helps.

For me, these smaller things make us better people and I see it every day in people on the Northern Rivers. That's why I love living here.

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