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DIGGING DEEP: Ted Trudgeon with the Richmond River Historical Society Anzac display.
DIGGING DEEP: Ted Trudgeon with the Richmond River Historical Society Anzac display. Cathy Adams

THERE'S something fascinating about the stories and lives of the soldiers and nurses who fought and served in the First World War.

After digging through the Richmond River Historical Society's holdings, Ted Trudgeon was able to piece together the stories and memorabilia of local servicemen and women and put them on display for the public to see.

The 'Lismore's Anzac Spirit' display includes medals, photographs, certificates and a rare banner to commemorate the centenary of the First World War.

Mr Trudgeon, who has been involved with the historical society since 1975, said he believed imagination and trying to understand soldiers' experiences, played a big part in the public's ongoing interest in the First World War.

"The war when it happened, a lot of young men in Australia saw it as something that was going to be glamorous," he said.

"They had a concept of what wars and fighting had been like in the past and it turned into something which was totally different. Something horrific."

Mr Trudgeon said he found the photographs and information on First World War nurse Ellen Agnes Melanie Riordan some of the most interesting on display.

Nurse Riordan served in both the First and Second World Wars, earning two stars, two victory medals, a war medal, a defence medal and an Africa star medal.

During her service, nurse Riordan transported wounded soldiers from Gallipoli, was matron-in-chief at Choubra Infectious Hospital in Cairo, Egypt, and was awarded the Greek Medal of Military Merit from King Alexander for her nursing services in Greece.

Another interesting item of display is the Gallipoli Legion Banner, which led the Lismore Anzac day parade from 1954 carried by 10 North Coast survivors of the Gallipoli landing.

Monash discussed

THE contribution of Lieutenant-General Sir John Monash to Australia's campaign in the First World War will be the topic of discussion at Richmond River Historical Societies' quarterly meeting this Sunday.

Secretary Ed Bennett will present from 2pm at The Richmond River Historical Society in Molesworth St.

To RSVP email or phone 6621 9993.

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