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James Poulos The Northern Star

Our farmer wants a wife

CUPID'S arrow keeps missing 27-year-old Jimmy Poulos.

The charming farmer from Shannonbrook – about 10km south-west of Casino – hasn't found love in the town's small singles scene, where he just keeps seeing the same people.

Seeing his dilemma in the love department, a good mate decided to help Jimmy cast his net a bit wider, and nominated him to be a contestant for the television show, The Farmer Wants a Wife, seen on NBN last night.

The show follows the journey of six eligible farmers looking for love as they are introduced to single gals willing to move to the country for a life of provincial bliss.

While Jimmy didn't make it to the final six, and won't be on the show, he did outwit and out-charm hundreds of country boys to be named as one of the nation's 12 most eligible farmers.

“It all happened really fast,” Jimmy said. “They rang me and told me I was in the top 20 and then I was in the top 12, and then they sent a film crew up for a video that was on the website.”

While Jimmy was surprised to do so well, it is easy to see how the voting panel was won over.

Not only can the accomplished rugby union player perform a handstand in a front-end loader, he is also a bit of a romantic and is described by mates as 'the first to turn up to lend a hand or the last the leave a party'.

Being named in the top 12 meant a video message from Jimmy appeared on the show's website and his profile appeared in the July edition of The Australian Women's Weekly.

It also meant copping a lot of good-natured flack from his footy mates. But it could all be worth it.

Jimmy is currently sorting through a 'pile' of letters from ladies across the nation wanting a date after reading his profile. Will Cupid's arrow finally land in Shannonbrook? Jimmy reckons you "just never know".

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