Original member of regiment looks back on 70 years

JACK Fenton watched on proudly as the current members of the 7th Signal Regiment celebrated its 70th anniversary at Cabarlah's Borneo Barracks.   

Mr Fenton, 90, knows better than most what it was like to be part of the regiment, which he joined 70 years ago, as one of the original members.   

"Well I was all lined up for the Air Force, I passed all my navigation exams and the war was ending, World War 11 ," he said.   

"But fortunately the Air Force taught me morse so the Army grabbed me and we ended up here."   Mr Fenton spent about 30 years in the regiment as a radio operator, finishing in 1975 as a major.   

He said he had "lived for" attending the weekend's celebrations.     

"I am just living for this one, just to see everyone here," he said.   

About 150 current serving members of the regiment participated in an anniversary parade on Saturday at the barracks. 

  Throughout its 70-year history, its members have served in Singapore, Malaya, Vietnam, Somalia, Bougainville, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Afghanistan and Iraq.   

Toowoomba region mayor Paul Antonio acted as Reviewing Officer during the parade, making note of how proud the region was to have the regiment.   

"The soldiers of the 7th Signal Regiment are a diverse group of individual skills, drawn from many different backgrounds," he said.  

"Since its original formation back in 1947, it has continued to evolve and adapt to the changing face of the battleground."  

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