Singer Tom Jones.
Singer Tom Jones. Carsten Windhorst

OPINION: Why, why, why so weedy with Tom Jones

I WONDER how Sir Tom Jones felt about people smoking weed in his concert at Bluesfest on Monday night?

Probably pretty proud that a 70-something aged singer could still be hip enough for fans to want to smoke dope at his gig.

Of course I only needed Sir Tom’s music to get me high.

Others clearly thought It’s Not Unusual to smoke a bit of weed while Sir Tom delivered a performance that was a pleasure to witness.

Sir Tom’s tent wasn’t the only one I smelt weed in and some kindly folk at UB40 even offered me a puff of their joint.

It made me wonder about the law enforcement priorities when it comes to weed.

There was a focus on stopping drugs coming into the festival and on the roads outside, but I saw plenty of people of all ages openly smoking weed both in and outside the tents.

And there were plenty of police officers on the beat. So if I could smell weed being smoked, they must have as well.

Perhaps it comes down to micro and macro management.

Who wants to bust some poor kid with tiny joint in his mouth?

On the macro level maybe it is better getting someone with a bag of weed or stash of pills going into the festival or swab a whole bunch of drugged drivers on the way out.

But it did have me pondering Why, Why, Why Delilah on my way out of Bluesfest on Monday night.

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