Opinion: The Northern Rivers is a place to embrace diversity

SHOCK jocks, Facebook and even travelling music artists agree on one thing - the Northern Rivers is a little different to the rest of Australia.

Rather than be threatened by it, how about simply accepting that normal rules and values are harder to apply here and you will be challenged on your conventional way of thinking.

That's not to say we are all hippies here, things have moved on since the Aquarius Festival in the 1970s and trying to tar us all with the same brush is lazy thinking.

Right wing commentators including shock jock Ray Hadley have taken a swipe at our area over the issue of drug driving laws.

I don't want respond to Hadley's spray point by point, it's silly and nonsensical spending time trying to change his mind.

He's a guy who makes a living sprouting opinions and dealing in cliches and cartooned characterisations of people, places and issues.

As for Facebook censoring an image on our mayor Jenny Dowell's site; at least you know what you are in for when you sign up to an account with them.

If you don't like the organisation's conservative approach to art you can always exercise your democtric right to leave.

Lastly, I attended Josh Pyke's concert at the Star Court theatre on Saturday night where Lismore's eclectic community were in full flight.

There were hecklers and people dancing to music that perhaps only they could hear.

Pyke was a little taken aback with requests to play Wuthering Heights and to "take his shirt off" but rolled with the feedback in a good humoured way.

Ah, the Northern Rivers.

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