OPINION: Someone needs to count a little better

GIVEN all sides of politics and the public complaints about political expenditure, wouldn't it have made more sense to hold the election and plebiscite on same sex marriage on July 2?

I mean why wait?

Surely if the Coalition was serious about cost saving and not about political tactics we'd be voting for both in the upcoming poll.

Come to think of it, if Malcolm Turnbull had planned it a little better we could have had the election, same sex marriage plebiscite and Census on the same day.

The costs of counting votes is enormous and you'd think there are better ways of doing it in this digital age.

After all if we can tap and go at the supermarket check out, surely we can say yes or no to same sex marriage in a similar way.

The way government continues to do business is old, out-dated and costing us money we don't need to be spending in such vast quantities.

The United Kingdom introduced e-petitions to their parliament.

Any issue that gathers 100,000 signatures in less than six months is sent to a committee which decides whether it gets debated in parliament.

It's led to some weird and wacky petition subjects such as not letting Donald Trump into the country and stopping all immigration and closing the UK borders until ISIS is defeated.

It's an interesting form of democracy.

Certainly more interesting than our own dull as dishwater election campaign so far.

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