Wicked Campers. Photo: Contributed.
Wicked Campers. Photo: Contributed. Contributed

OPINION: See if you find this one Wickedly funny

I BET Senator David Leyonhjelm sits around the camp fire after a hard day's shooting and chuckles over this Wicked campers corker:

"A wife: an attachment you screw on the bed to get the housework done."

At the Christmas table this little Wicked-ism would no doubt bring the Leyonhjelm house down:

"In every princess there is a little slut who wants to try it just once."

Perhaps we should turn the tables on the good Senator and paraphrase another Wicked slogan with a political twist:

"Life sucks if your local senator doesn't."

Wowsers, that's so funny.

The good senator has described people opposed to Wicked Campers and their crass slogans as "authoritarians disguised as hippies or feminists".

You probably would say that from the safety of your electorate in Sydney's sunny Drummoyne. No Wicked campers would be caught dead there.

I think Leyonhjelm was the kind of politician former prime minister Paul Keating had in mind when he labelled the Senate "unrepresentative swill".

After all, the donkey vote was the only reason Leyonhjelm got elected last time around thanks to his No 1 position on the ballot paper.

This political journeyman has also belonged to more parties than I've had hot breakfasts. At times he has been Labor, Liberal, Shooters Party and now Liberal Democratic Party.

So, Ballina and Byron councils, keep going with your Wicked campaigns.

If this guy is moved to comment, you must be doing something right.

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