OPINION: Public transport may negate spiralling rego costs

I'VE just forked out the best part of nearly $2000 to get my car registered and back on the road for another 12 months.

That included compulsory third party insurance and registration costs and a set of new tyres in order to make the car roadworthy.

A new set of tyres each year is pretty stock standard on the Northern Rivers where the condition of the roads are so poor it really does impact tyre wear and tear.

In any household coming up with the money to pay rego each year is a really big impost on your budget.

And if you are running two or more cars per household it is an even bigger deal.

The lack of public transport options on the Northern Rivers really makes us a slave to our cars.

Unless you live right next to your place of employment, I would expect that most workers in our region face some sort of commute each day.

Public transport is a term that doesn't get used too much around here.

It's like Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter - he who must not be named.

And every time you raise public transport as a topic of conversation someone gets a nostalgic twinkle in their eyes and starts talking about trains.

Even though it has been more than 11 years since a train last rolled into Lismore, and the Coalition State Government did a study which basically ruled its reinstatement as too expensive, we seem to be in nowhere land when it comes to this issue.

Surely the answer simply can't be to leave people languishing in their cars on ever worsening roads.

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