OPINION: Movers and shakers interested in Fair Go

I'M pleased to see after a couple of days of our Fair Go campaign some of our movers and shakers have started to take notice.

Page MP Kevin Hogan and yours truly plan to have a coffee this week and talk over some aspects of the campaign which aims to highlight unacceptable gaps between regional and urban Australia.

As one of our elected representatives in Canberra, you'd expect Mr Hogan to be down there standing up for our rights.

And, just like his predecessor in Page, Labor's Janelle Saffin, both have been fierce advocates for infrastructure and services in our region.

On Saturday we opened the Fair Go campaign by highlighting the discrepancies between life expectancy rates for babies born on the Northern Rivers compared with inner city Sydney.

Today it the educational outcomes for students in our region.

Our data shows more than 79% of 16 years olds were studying at the time of the last census compared with 86.5% in inner Sydney.

One would assume that if we have fewer students going on to complete the Higher School Certificate, then they had dropped out to compete apprenticeships or study part-time at TAFE.

Perhaps our teens are working in low-paid jobs or relying on their parents for a living?

In any case, school retention rates are something I plan to raise with Mr Hogan when we meet tomorrow.

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