Back to the Future fan Tamara MacKenzie takes her hover board out for a spin. Photo Illustration Allan Reinikka / The Morning Bulletin
Back to the Future fan Tamara MacKenzie takes her hover board out for a spin. Photo Illustration Allan Reinikka / The Morning Bulletin Allan Reinikka

OPINION: Great Scott! It’s a great time to be alive

The Bulletin's feature writer Tamara MacKenzie is a big fan of the Back to the Future films and talks about how we have finally caught up to the future.


HYPERCOLOUR shirts, laser discs, self-drying clothing, flying cars and hover boards - welcome to 2015.

Or at least this was what was predicted for us according to the epic sci-fi film Back to the Future (BTTF) II.

Although on closer inspection it would seem as if science didn't quite get the memo on a few of the technological inventions fiction had instigated for us.

It would seem that we are in fact still driving cars, on roads, which are constructed on the ground.

It would also be apparent that white goods (such as washing machines and dryers) are still readily available far and wide.

But perhaps one of the biggest atrocities many of us BTTF fans are most outraged about is the hover board - or should I say the lack there of.

Fortunately for me, I have an incredibly crafty husband who can design and engineer such a thing, while I possess an imagination as wild as the Doc's hair to bring it to life.

At least that's what I was trying to convey when performing in a state and national pole competition.

The dream of flying on a hover board lives strong in this young gal's mind. In June this year, and again in September, I donned the hyper-coloured cap and hover board to perform a two-and-a-half minute pole dancing routine in tribute of this awesome movie (and the other two of course).

The performance won me the title of Queensland Pole Champion in Amateur Division and qualified me to perform it once more on the national stage.


The timing couldn't have been better, especially since 2015 was the year in which Marty McFly and the Doc return to the future, and better yet - tomorrow will be the actual day in time.

So here we are, the roads of fiction and reality finally meeting - and yes it's hard not to be upset that I am unable to purchase my hover board (or better yet flying car), but I am astonished to see the waves we have made technological wise, eerily making the movie accurate in some cases.

Back to the Future was not only a story of time travel; it was a window into the future of what was yet to come. It's astonishing enough to make you say Great Scott!

While we may not have the ability to cook miniature frozen pizza to our own size specifications, nor can we buy boots that lace up by themselves, we do have: Flat screen TV's - which was predicted by the 1989 film.

Face Time and other means of video calls (such as Skype) are now a very normal way of communications among the people of 2015… and it was predicted all those years ago.

Biometrics - without even thinking, we are able to turn on our phones using the touch of our fingers. Who would have thought?

Hands free gaming is also a revolutionary step into the future - with thanks to consoles such as the Xbox 360 Kinect, gaming is all about being amongst the action, rather than just using your hands.

As for Jaws 19? Let's hope that it doesn't come to that. As one of The Morning Bulletin's movie reviewers, I can say there are plenty of sequels that should have never come to life already, let alone 19 of them.

And we can also express a massive sigh of relief that the double tie never amounted to anything from the fashion sector… then again the year's not completely through just yet.  

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